What to do if you lose your job during the pandemic

Monday, July 26, 2021

Many of us are afraid of losing their jobs, but what should we do if this happens?

The fear of losing a job is overwhelming for every employee but the actual event is no tragedy and certainly not unusual during the pandemic. There are two possible options for people that are finding themselves unemployed due to corona virus: either to continue searching for another job in the same industry, or seek a new career.

If you feel like you want to stay in the industry you started in the simplest decision would be to call the competitors. Do not follow the standard procedure and submit your CV to the HR department, but contact the company directly.  Tell them about your professional experience and skills that you can bring to the company. Look for a place in an industry you feel comfortable with. If none of the above options work for you, start looking for a part time job. A Part-time job gives you an opportunity to cover your bills  till the pandemic is over. In this case it doesn’t really matter if the job you are going to take part-time participation at is related to the field where you have previously worked. Be sure not to include this employment in your CV  unless it really contributes to your list of skills.