How to resign with professionalism

Monday, March 15, 2021

Congratulations! You just got an offer for a new job. There's just one catch. You have to say good-bye to your current employer.

Maybe you loved your job and you face an emotional farewell. Or maybe you hated every minute and you have been counting the days till you could walk out the door one last time.

Employees often admit they’re nervous about handing in their notice as they’re afraid their boss will be angry. They feel guilty about the work they are leaving behind. Maybe someone else must pick up the slack for a while.

Employees also wonder how to resign gracefully yet still protect their own long term career interests.

Here are some guidelines on how to resign from your job with professionalism

1. Give the correct amount of notice required stated in your contract of employment.

2. Study your current and future contract of employment regarding disclosures and no-compete agreements.

3. Resign to your boss in person, if possible. Phone is second best. And tell the boss before you tell anyone else – even your best friend or golfing buddy.

4. Expect your boss to be professional.

5. Thank your boss, even if you hate them all and can’t wait to leave. Thank him/her for the opportunity which has led to your newest career move.

6. Decline a counteroffer. “Sixty percent of those who accept a counter-offer are gone in six months.” If you decide to stay, get a new written contract.

7.When your boss asks why you are leaving, be positive: “for a better opportunity.” Talk about how much you loved the company and your job.

8. Focus on your new opportunity – not your past experience.