How To Negotiate

Friday, March 5, 2021

How To Negotiate

Negotiation is part of a professional work life. Negotiation means to make an agreement with another person, so that both of you are satisfied with the outcome.

Most of our interactions at work require some form of negotiation. For example, you negotiate with your boss about your salary.

Let us discuss important factors negotiation.

To be good at negotiating, means to be good at understanding the needs of another person, only after you achieve that understanding will you proceed further.

The first requirement is to find out what the other person wants.

Always be clear about what it is you want from the other person. If your boss knows that you would like a promotion in terms of a higher status and not a rise in pay, he/she can work out a solution quickly.

Reaching an agreement is the result you are both seeking, and a flexible approach is a key requirement. Otherwise, one of you will walk away.

Your skill as a negotiator depends upon satisfying you, the other person and getting a good result. You need to develop good thinking and communication skills.