Head of Operations Job Description

We are looking for a well-organized head of operations to oversee activities across various departments.

As head of operations, you should demonstrate solid leadership and analytical skills, exhibit strong business acumen, as well as a commitment to productivity.

Head of Operations Responsibilities:

  • Formulate business strategy with others in the executive team
  • Design policies that align with overall strategy
  • Ensure compliance with local and international laws (e.g. data protection)
  • Implement efficient processes and standards
  • Manage contracts and relations with customers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders
  • Evaluate risk and lead quality assurance efforts
  • Oversee expenses and budgeting to help the organization optimize costs and benefits

Report on operational performance and suggest improvements

Head of Operations Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in business or a related field.
  • Experience as a head of operations or in a similar role.
  • Knowledge of business functions.
  • Solid knowledge of data analytics.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership qualities.