Forensic Medical Examiner Job Description

We are looking for an experienced forensic medical examiner to conduct postmortem medical examinations on decedents in order to determine the cause, manner, and circumstances surrounding the death.

As a medical examiner you must be trained in forensic analysis, criminal procedure and understand the chain of custody, and evidence collection. You will frequently work with individuals in law enforcement so you must be able to collaborate effectively when carrying out your duties.

Medical Examiner Responsibilities:

Performing autopsies to determine the cause of death.

Undertaking examinations of specimens, tissues, organs, fluids, and blood to determine abnormalities that may have resulted in death.

Investigating sudden and/or unnatural deaths

Preparing reports of findings to be given to law enforcement, when needed, to aid any on-going investigations.

Providing expert testimony in court regarding autopsies and the findings thereof, when required.

Preparing death certificates and determining when decedents may be released.

Forensic medical Examiner Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology, physical sciences, or a related field.
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.
  • Exceptional analytical and research skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.