Enterprise Architect Job Description

We are looking for a detail-oriented Enterprise Architect to help run our organization. The Enterprise Architect's responsibilities include improving the existing IT infrastructure, streamlining business operations, and integrating information applications and programs. The enterprise architect is also responsible for creating, developing, coordinating, communicating, maintaining, and enforcing a common enterprise architectural model, views, initiatives, functions, and components to properly conduct the  business and technical operations of the organization.

 Success as an enterprise architect requires strong technical, analytical and project management skills. You must also have strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. 

 Enterprise Architect Responsibilities: 

  • Evaluating internal functions, business development strategies, and IT processes and suggesting improvements. 
  • Creating business architecture models to reflect the organization's strategies and goals and creating and implementing business visions and goals. 
  • Evaluating systems engineering, talent recruiting, and accounting models for discrepancies and vulnerabilities. 
  • Suggesting ideas to reduce costs in IT and business leadership. 
  • Organizing training to improve employees' knowledge and skills for future organizational growth. 
  • Conducting research in talent management to improve the organization's business operations. 
  • Providing business architecture and systems processing guidance. 
  • Ensuring the efficiency, security, and support of the organization's goals. 
  • Creating methods for compliance architecture, such as data storage, metadata management, and change control. 
  • Determining and implementing build versus buy strategies, mentor personnel, and views of the overall business strategy.

Enterprise Architect Requirements: 

  •  Degree in information technology or a related field.
  • System architecture experience may be preferred.
  • Excellent technical, analytical and project management skills. 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. 
  •  Good leadership and motivational skills.