DevOps Architect Job Description

We are looking for an experienced DevOps architect to manage our organisations software development

As a DevOps architect, you should demonstrate a leadership mindset, solid operational experience, and the ability to problem-solve.

DevOps Architect Responsibilities:

  • Simplify the development process and operations
  • Develop appropriate DevOps channels
  • Setting up a continuous build environment to boost software development
  • Reviewing and managing technical operations
  • Monitoring and guiding the development team
  • Using the right tools and techniques to automate technical processes
  • Handling all deployment processes
  • Troubleshooting any technical issues
  • Implementing effective DevOps solutions
  • Ensuring all systems are secure and scalable

DevOps Architect Requirements:

  • Degree in computer science, information systems, or related field.
  • Previous experience working on a 24x7 cloud or SaaS operation team.
  • Experience with infrastructure management and monitoring.
  • Strong knowledge of DevOps Platform tooling ( Chef, Puppet, and Docker.)
  • Strong analytical skills.