Contractor Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated, hardworking contractor to deliver exceptional quality work alongside a team of highly-skilled professionals in both commercial and residential settings.  

Contractor Responsibilities:

  • Assess project and layout specifications, cost estimates, and timelines
  • Write up proposals and estimates for potential clients
  • See that all necessary permits are acquired prior to completing any work
  • Responsible for project oversight, ensuring quality work is completed on time
  • Source and vet subcontractors to provide necessary services
  • Source all necessary materials ensuring quality and price point are as promised
  • Provide all necessary equipment, including rentals, for projects to remain on schedule
  • Recruit all necessary laborers and crew members for project
  • Ensure that all inspections are scheduled and conducted in a timely fashion
  • Work to maintain project budget, communicating status to the client regularly
  • Maintain a safe and orderly work environment
  • Provide consistent, regular project updates to crew and clients
  • Demonstrate a vast general knowledge of construction best practices

Contractor Requirements:

  • At least 5 years experience in construction.
  • Relevant license and bonds.
  • Strong business and communication skills.
  • Project Management courses would be beneficial.
  • Experience using project management software.