Clinical Psychologist Job Description

We are looking for a compassionate clinical psychologist to assist us in making assessments and identifying a wide variety of disorders in clients.

As clinical psychologist you will be instrumental in performing interventions. You will utilize various treatment strategies, such as behaviour modification and stress reduction therapy.

Clinical Psychologist Responsibilities:

  • Develop appropriate treatment strategy to address the mental health needs of a patient
  • Work alongside doctors and nurses in a hospital setting to oversee the general wellbeing of a patient
  • Organize individual/group therapy sessions during which they communicate with client(s) to resolve any mental distress
  • Proffer advice and treatment for mental/social issues such as anxiety, eating disorder, depression, and relationship problems
  • Monitor the progress of patients to re-strategize treatment plan if necessary
  • Engage in psychological intervention to minimize the risk of escalating a mental health problem
  • Produce reports that serve as evidence in a court trial
  • Assist patients to properly adjust and manage the psychological effects of an illness
  • Maintain accurate accord and documentation of patient profile and treatment progress

Clinical Psychologist Requirements:

  • Degree in clinical psychology.
  • Registered with HCPC.
  • Experienced with specialist psychological assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health problems of varying severity and complexity.
  • Proficient with psychological therapies, risk assessment, training, and supervision.
  • Proficient with planning and performing psychological interventions.
  • Current awareness of developments in relevant fields.
  • Ability to maintain and complete clinical documentation consistently.