Accountant Job Description

[company name] are looking for an Accountant to manage all financial transactions, from fixed payments and variable expenses to bank transfers and budgets.

Accountant responsibilities include auditing financial documents and procedures, reconciling bank statements and calculating tax payments and returns. you will provide us with accurate quantitative information on financial position, liquidity, and cash flows of our business, while ensuring we’re compliant with all tax regulations.


  • Manage all accounting transactions
  • Prepare budget forecasts
  • Publish financial statements in time
  • Handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings
  • Reconcile accounts payable and receivable
  • Ensure timely bank payments
  • Prepare VAT & tax returns
  • Manage balance sheets and profit/loss statements
  • Audit financial transactions and documents


  • Previous experience as an Accountant
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Hands-on experience with accounting software such as QuickBooks
  • Advanced MS Excel skills
  • Strong attention to detail

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average salary of an Accountant?

Accountant jobs advertised on Jobibo have an average salary of £40,000. The salary can vary depending on experience and location.

What skills are required to be an Accountant?

The skills required to be an accountant vary depending on the type of accounting. However, some common skills include strong math abilities, analytical skills, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail.

What other similar job description samples are there to an Accountant?

Other similar job description samples to an Accountant include; Senior Accountant, Financial Controller and Financial Auditor.